Before my little love love was born, this song popped into my head. Theme song? And so I thought I’d offer it up for your listening pleasure while you read my babble below.

My friend Kathy called me a couple of days before I gave birth to Fiona and was swell enough to entertain my personal brain for a few minutes. The one that thinks about creative endeavors. The one who has a blog and wants to grow that and herself and a writing career. SHE INDULGED ME. And avoided talking baby stuff.

Now we’re on the other side. Fiona’s been here for 10 days and is hanging onto my body right now. By her lips. She may even have a soiled diaper.

I will truly try to not do baby-baby-all-the-time talk because it would drive me bonkers if I were you. But some stuff, it’s too cool or weird or funny not to share.

The wee Fiona was a hefty 8.5 lbs when she popped out of me. Then the pediatrician wanted to worry me she’d lost too much weight and told me to cup feed her. I’d seen it once and it’s weird. Reminds me that we are all beasties first. And most Mama’s do what love requires of us no matter what it takes.

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  1. Look at her clutching onto it, wow! She is so feminine and pretty looking for being such a newborn still! Precious little girl…

    1. Thank you. I think so but I am biased. My boy’s pretty handsome too. But even a warthog is cute to his mom.
      Thanks for your compliment Carolyn.

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