It’s a slow insipid slide down the aging chute. And my body betrays me despite my best efforts to ignore it. I have just a few issues with getting just a bit older. I ‘d like to claim them and then just leave them where they lay here on this page and walk away.

Today, my joints ache. When I birthed Fiona, I suffered some pretty good post-partum joint ache which my friend Melissa the nurse informed me is a thing they acknowledge in Scandinavia but not in America. As my hormones fluctuate within the month now, I feel that same hook under the knee caps ache, tennis elbow and finger ache. When Fiona pulls on them to lead me somewhere, I holler.

Baby and me on shalavee-staging-1.local

My favorite one to anguish and fret over is my hair’s sudden decision to vacate my scalp. Say it is the post baby hormones. Say it’s stress or not enough vitamin E or age or my weight loss. Say what you want but it doesn’t make it any easier to stomach watching the globs of hair go down the drain. I used to have such thick amazing hair that it would clog the basin when they tried to wash it at the hairdresser’s. I’m freaked out and humbled about this one.

Mirror selfie on shalavee-staging-1.local
Just the two of us on shalavee-staging-1.local

I do what any aging woman can do. I’ve grown my thinning hair long and covered my grays. I get my eyebrows plucked instead of overdoing it myself. I’ve whitened my teeth, I stay fit and am losing weight, and I plan to totally recommit to self tanning spray come Spring time. But the jowls still hang down on both sides of my mouth like I’m part baby basset hound. And I have begun the famous scarf collection for neck camouflage. Make-up makes it better but I really hate being made to stare at my hooded old lady eyelids in the attempt to make the best with what I’ve got.

It’s surely a grieving process I need to suffer through. The loss of youth is not amusing. I know you don’t think I look as old as my driver’s license says I am. You are always sweet to say so. I wished I could put your rose-colored sunglasses on to see me. But alas, I am just waiting to get over myself and am laughing often. Because the last defense against age is laughter. And they’ll be some pretty good laugh lines around my eyes when my time comes to bid the world a farewell.

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    1. Oh and I must be at least ten years ahead in tree rings but I know we’re in tandem on the journey to own our souls.
      Thank you Emily RV, you are equally inspiring to me.

  1. Take birth control pills- I get the free ones. The joint pain will go away after 2 weeks. Everyone ages, the only thing one can do is stay away from tank tops and take most excellent care of your skin:) Pretty women stay pretty, really:)

  2. I was just having this conversation with a friend yesterday, and I think you’re right about it being a grieving process of sorts. I always wonder if we’re grieving what’s gone or anxious that time’s marching on while there’s still so much to do.

    I’ve had some pretty serious joint pain, all thyroid related. Took Synthroid and it disappeared. Came back again recently and turns out I need to up my dosage again. It’s been an eye opener finding out how many symptoms hormones are responsible for.

    But Melissa (comment before me) is right – pretty women stay pretty, unless they lose that spark of personality somewhere along the way. And skincare! Yes, yes, yes!

    1. I believe all the problems of the world are causes by hormones by the way Suzonne. I’m so very glad that you got all that figured out finally. And I take crappy care of my skin. But I scrub at my soul on a regular basis.
      Thanks for adding to this. It makes me feel less weird you know?

  3. I don’t like this slide either. I don’t want to look like an old lady. I’m not an old lady inside. Damn it. I keep thinking I’ll be okay with it once I’ve gone full old lady but the process to get there is not a fun adventure. I suppose that is why God gave us women beer and laughter too.

    Plus, you’re fucking gorgeous. And hot. It was my first impression on meeting you. Not old lady.

    1. Ha!!! Wow Jill, when we met you gave me an incredible compliment on my writing and now gorgeous and hot!!! Shee yute! Who needs husbands when friends are so much more flattering. I agree, I’m in no rush to get onto full tilt old lady, and I think we’ll make the best old ladies, but it’s the acceptance that beauty isn’t where our soul lives that seems so esoteric. How much do I appreciate you, let me count the ways. And can we get together again this year please?
      Love Ya’,

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I am so happy to have you stop by. It means so very much to me. You are a fellow Virgo and a true laugher.
      Love Ya’ love ya’ love ya’,

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