You will not do what you do not believe you can do. You can hope and wish for change but the spark for creating the change lies in your heart. What you believe is possible. What you believe isn’t won’t happen.

You need a 51% belief factor to realize your dream. A knowledge of the future that you can will it so, that the Universe is rooting for you to do this.

Otherwise, your lack of belief will only serve to sabotage you. If you find yourself saying “see, I knew it wouldn’t work out” remember this, you believed it into being thus. We are all wicked manifesters.

We can rise from the ashes if we only have 51% faith in our futures. We can build a life and family and community based on our need for these things. And we can topple our lives, stop even our own hearts, if we believe that is what will happen as well.

Staying on the reaction treadmill to life, surviving instead of thriving, those are choices you may have made. But the divine energy of the world would love to hand you so much more!

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