And Baby Makes Three

So first there was us. Oh we had fun. Lots of it. Food and drink and merry were made.

wedding color pics 2 001 - Copy (3)

Then comes marriage.

more us and Eamon 001

Then comes baby in a baby carriage.

more us and Eamon 001 - Copy (2)

Baby Eamon and Daddy. Our love multiplied.

us and Eamon 001 - Copy (2)

Mommy and toddler Eamon. Handsome and a handful.

us and Eamon 001 - Copy

Filling Daddy’s shoes.

all Eamon all the time 001

Training to take over one day.

more us and Eamon 001 - Copy

And eventually, he’ll be so big, he won’t want to hold our hand anymore.

us 2 (3) - Copy But not yet. Not yet.

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One Response to “And Baby Makes Three”

  1. Beautiful pictures! Doesn’t the time just fly by. You see it so clearly when you have kids, right?

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