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The incessant busyness that was our lives, a way of living that we didn’t realize we were in over our heads with, has ceased. As many still battle the voices in their heads that tell them they aren’t being productive and earning their worth, there are other voices that are rising that say “Create”. There is a possibility to choose creativity over consumption.

There will be a chance to choose another life besides capitalism after this isolation is over. We have always had the power to choose where to spend our money and support who we want. I choose not to give Walmart any of my money ever. We can vote for people who will help create the world we want to see. What do you want to see after this?

What Life Will You Choose When this is Done on Shalavee.com

We will never return to “normal”. We’ve seen too much. We are changed like it or not. Like somnambulists having been awoken from a nightmare, we can decide to not spend spend spend on stuff that never cures of our woes anyway and mindfully life larger lives that care for the earth, our animals, and our humanity.

When this is over, What life will you choose to live. Think hard about the hindsight you will be gifted with and how pro-activity can make your future rich with integrity and compassion. Be forewarned that everyone will try to tell you this didn’t happen. Because it did and I need it to mean something more than just staying alive.

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