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Saying Goodbye this week to our daycare provider Miss Tara as she is moving on to a better means of employment and way less hassle for her life. Fiona has been there a while and I know she will miss being a part of her family.

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We are also losing our girl Caitlin who needs to spread her wings and see the world. She’ll be moving away before June hits. Sadness and happiness for these beloveds.

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Hung out with my best gal Mary Beth whose career as an estotiscian, make-up artist, and permanent tatoo artist is going very well. Her shop looks amazing and we enjoyed catching up and getting our toes done together.

MB and her Eastern Shore Permanaent Makeup space on Shalavee.com
Me and MB on Shalavee.com

And Mother’s Day was truly lovely this year. Our mothers came and we ate, sat out and enjoyed a fire pit and s’mores.

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Mother's day firepit on shalavee.com
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And I got my dining-out breakfast, thrift shopping, and the children got a bit of playground time.

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And in trying to do things outside of my comfort zone, on Monday I’ll be hosting a picture challenge on Instagram

inspired by my prompt “Soul Selfie”.

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I want to host a way to tell and share stories that people may not know about us and connect in that way that feels more real.

Join me on Instagram to hear the stories and share your own.

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