What a struggle it is not to succumb to one’s self doubts.

I lose my way in that forest of can’ts and shoulds and wander aimlessly about hoping for a little light to peek through the canopy and show me the way.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting.

I wait for my mood and my hormones to shift.

I connect with my people online.

I follow my curiosity and read something, anything.

I name what I’m grateful for.

The Rise and Fall of Self-Doubt on shalavee.com

And eventually, I find a hole. A beam of light breaks through and I climb that light to the top of the canopy. For however long, I view the landscape, the future, my blessings, myself.

If this cycle of rising and falling is all I can hope for, shouldn’t this be enough?

I am human after all.

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