I never suspected it would happen to me.  I coveted the cute girl’s clothing while shopping for my baby boy. Frankly, boys clothing is Boring. I wanted to fondle pink and purple and tutus.  There seems to be an innate drive to dress a dolly up

kitty and bunny

As we didn’t know what flavor child we were having this time either, I had gathered “gender neutral” clothing again. There’s no such thing. There’s girls clothing and then there isn’t.


But then, we had a girl! So three-day old Fiona got her some pink hot pants from Mama from Target store after her pediatrician’s appointment. And thus began the influx of pink outfits by mail and gift wrapped at my door and smuggled in with my visitors.

animal feet

I realized this ‘need’ we ladies all seem to have to buy girls clothing can now be satisfied for some with the excuse (Fiona the beautiful) I’ve provided. And I’ve given blanket permission to everyone to help dress up the dolly.


I feel some funky clothing styling coming too. Change out the buttons for vintage ones. Pair pink and black, orange with old lace, and so on. Not something I’d do for myself, of course.

girl's feet

Although fashion has never been my thing, I could easily live vicariously through Fiona. And everyone is welcome to shop for her to your hearts content. You know you want to.

I suspect her entire wardrobe for the next six months is pink pink pink all the time time time.

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  1. I’m an old knitter and realize that I just don’t need to be modern. I was so happy to see you holding on to a little PINK. I know the new moms like some of those garish colors, but somehow they just don’t look good to me. Babies are soft and pastel and they’re skin just isn’t enhanced by orange and purple

    1. Yeah, the orange didn’t look as great as I thought. Although, I think seafoam green would look fabulous on her. What with the blue eyes I think she’s turning out to have and the red hair! Thanks Carolyn.

  2. Yeah, my cousin thought he was immune until he had a girl. Then pink things kept “appearing” and he would tell his wife “they must have been gifts” because she hated girly things. Cracked me up every time to imagine him sneaking those clothes into the dresser. Our rule of thumb for Toddler Flails-a-lot is toxic pink = good! Basically any color in an eyewatering shade is welcome. The washed out girly colors will be accepted but the neons really float our boat. Exception: ANYTHING IN THE SHAPE OF ANIMAL. All of that is welcome.

    1. Neon’s crept in again. My eyes are burning for lack of sleep not color trend. Pastels mixed with neons, acceptable and chic.And love the cousin sneaking the girls clothing like candy. I am totally digging watching the love of my life loving on his daughter. I will be amused when the fashion becomes a “thing” he may have to contend with and help shop for. Because this man goes pale when he has to shop. What sort of anything in the shape of the animal are we talking about? Hats, shoes, and purses I assume.
      Love Ya’,

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