I have been having an ongoing conversation with my almost 16 year old about creating a relationship with his future. He cringes because he is very happy with living in his now, thank you very much. Why would I want to take him away from all the fun he’s having now by scheduling all the boring things he’ll be made to do in the future. And then I realized, I am doing the exact same thing.

I’ve been resisting scheduling stuff in my calendar. Stuff that seems to be adult stuff. I don’t want to act like a business professional and schedule my work hours within my day. I want to just find the time like I’ve been doing for all of the lockdown. Capturing magic moments within the bubble of our quarantined lives to create and commune and claim my joy, because Joy is my word of the year.

But I am also refusing to plan my meals. Because I should do it, it’s the very thing I don’t wanna do even if this scheduling will allow me even more free time and less stress when it comes to taking care of my family. And losing weight. Nope.

Fighting the Scheduling on Shalavee.com


I’d much rather ride the creative wave when it strikes me. It feels so good to hammer out a meal and an essay when the mood hits. But this is not sustainable. An artist that waits for the muse to visit isn’t doing herself any favors. She needs to be awaiting the muse with a typewriter under her hands or loaded paintbrush in case the muse visits.

So how do you create a relationship with your future? You are dependable. You plan things that give you something to work for and look forward to. And those are the items that go on your schedule. If you get to that day and there’s no way you can, so be it. But if you can, you’ve already carved out time for it.

As for meals, even one day ahead of time is acceptable. I tend to like a list of my options up on the fridge to pick from. But I have to know I have everything I need to make this and avoid any extra trips to the store. And I also need a couple days when someone else “makes” the dinner.

So I opened up my datebook and I put in what I know I am doing. And then I can see time blocks where I know no small people will be bugging me. I put in a couple hours of work here and there especially since I am still writing blog posts for Tuesdays and Fridays. And I’m committing to going from there.

It’s process not production that I am trying to tweak here. Anyone else feel like this?

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  1. Yes so much has gotten disjointed since we were in lockdown and struggling to find the way back in some areas. Namely planning and regular creative practice

    1. Yes, it seems that once habits have been broken, it’s doubly as hard to restore them. When the lockdown happened, I was exercising and losing weight. Suddenly, no gym, kids on my head, and there’s me staying up late drinking wine watching TV to get time to myself. one year and ten pounds later… I am back to the gym. Because it all felt so aggravating and hopeless. Thank you for stopping by my blog Angi!

  2. I resisted scheduling for a long time, letting the events of life dictate everything. There is such power and freedom in scheduling with flexibility. As a total free spirit, it was a huge life lesson in how we can learn from people who are very different from us to be more productive and creative and even have more fun in life.

  3. Yes, us creative folks have a whole free spirited tale we like to tell but even children need a little structure to make them feel safer.
    Thanks Karen so much for being here!

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