Yes. I know. She’s five months now and we’re just getting around to choosing the paint color? My excuses are good and numerous.  Unaware of the gender of the baby we were having, I opted to use my nesting energy to redo Eamon’s room one last time before he goes to college ten years from now. It was a fabulous outcome to a hellacious amount of toil and trouble. Then we had a baby.

If there isn’t any excuse in the world you can use to get out of anything, there’s always the baby excuse. Babies are a lot of work. I remember when Eamon was four months or less, Mark was about to mow the lawn. I said, “Can I do that?” He said,”Sure.” And I was so happy to be doing anything else besides tending to the baby that still felt important. I would have loved to have painted throughout this especially gorgeous weather.

Then I had the guest bedroom set up as such until the bitter end. I Just rid myself of the ancient mattress recently after the crib was assembled. And I still haven’t exactly decided what, where, and how the room and the pieces and colors will all work. Nursery Inspiration post still stands though.

paint scape

You may not know but I used to be an avid DIYer. My house is a testimony to that. And I maintain a constant internal and intentional dialog to touch everything again. I have already painted the guest bedroom once before. It’s a sad old room and needs some distractionary tactics to keep from staring at its reoccurring cracks. I am having the hardest time trying decide how to treat the three window bay.

The color we chose is called Toasted Oat. We matched the color from the little enamel frame I had leftover from my shop. It’s a blush pink. We got two quarts of paint free at the Ace hardware promotional paint day last Saturday. I dare say that may be enough for the tiny room. So free was a good impetus to pick a color. Still loving the curtain fabric and dresser. Wish me luck. Again.

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    1. I was just discussing that with my husband. It’s a matter of timeline. Some things I’ll get to soon. And somethings I’ll get to when Fiona’s 10. Hopefully those won’t be painting her room. Or then again, maybe that will be her purple phase. Thanks Tahnya.

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