The only time Mark and I have ever “fought” was when Baby Eamon burned his hand on our 1950’s Odin Beautyrange. It was a super cool stove with folding enameled covers over the burners and so not insulated. And the baby, not quite walking yet, put his hand on it to stabilize himself. And he had a big bad burn on his little hand.

I blamed Mark because he was watching him while I was cooking. And we were both so distressed to see our baby in pain. The next week, Mark says after much research, I rolled up to the Sears in Dover, Delaware and purchased a lovely wide duel fuel stainless steel stove. And it’s served us well for almost eight years.

The element wasn’t working on the fateful night a month ago. We installed two different parts worth a total $125, guestimating the problem. That was an excruciating process thinking each time we had fixed the problem. And finally, I called in the Sears guy. Chuck and his lovely assistant determined it was the brain/motherboard, estimated cost: $500.

I have waited patiently for a week for the part to arrive and my fix-it-day to come. You know the day where you wait from 8 – 5 for them to show up. And that would have been tomorrow if the automated phone/computer hadn’t called me to say I needed to reschedule.

No big hurry. I am not cooking anything in the oven these days. Toaster oven and grill are in use. I resigned myself to the fact that this was me buying my oven/stove again after we cruised the appliance department at Lowes and found that stoves average about $700 and their life expectancy is about eight years.Hey I had even cleaned it for the first time in two years.

So I call the Sears people back and am told the reason for the cancellation is… the part is no longer available. Huh? We got those other parts fairly easily. And then I was done. Resigned a new stove is in my future. I then got someone on the phone who would help me ask for a refund for the money I’d paid to have a serviceman diagnose the problem and order a part that doesn’t exist. I should find out today if I get my money back.

The biggest problem I face now? My husband doesn’t want to be done. Oy. He thinks there are other options. Other paths to wonder. Other horses to beat. Really? So while I research the 0% financing Home Depot offers regularly to appliance seeking schmucks like us (Dover is tax-free and we have a truck), he’s going to “see” what he can do. Sigh.

So wish me luck. Read Daggone Appliances for other appliance related stories of misfortune.

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    1. Time will tell what the story will end with. It either will be fixed or it won’t. When I have an oven again, you’re coming for a meal with your fab husband.

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