I can say that one of the biggest perks to having a party is the decorating. My long-standing affinity for paper decoration is due to its versatility and low-cost. There was that one time my friend and I decorated the most store windows in Denton’s downtown. White paper, shelf paper, cardboard, and tissue paper were our supplies totaling under one hundred dollars. It was the labor that was the killer. Well, I have tissue paper still left over from that project. And when I thought about how I wanted to decorate Fiona’s birthday party, hot pink was definitely a color I was using. And seeing as my friend and I have sworn never to do tissue Poms again, tissue tassels seemed to need trying. Because … Easy.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

One sheet of tissue paper will make a pretty fat tassel.

In fact they turned out more like cheerleading pom poms than tassels.

And I didn’t mind that at all.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Fold the tissue paper in thirds long ways.

The height of your tissue after this step will be however tall your tassel will be.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Cut the fold along the bottom to open it up for the fringing part at the end.

And yes, that’s me using my really nice fabric scissors. Because they’re sharp.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Fold the paper over on itself.

You’ll be repeating yourself like short-term memory gal in a moment.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Cut along that newly created fold leaving the tissue attached at the top by a little.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Rinse and Repeat.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

And again until you really can’t fold over any more.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

Now cut your fringe.

By folding it a bunch of times, this cutting part will take like ten snips.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

When you’re done fringing, simply roll the top edge up and secure with some tape.

And voilà, paper pom-pom, I mean tassel.

tissue paper tassels from Shalavee.com

You could actually cut the piece of tissue in half at the end and have two tassels if you wanted to save effort. The impact would be the same. I just adore their playful spirit and their texture. Plus, the cats loved them. It was the most entertaining watching the little cat standing on her back paws on the back of the club chair trying to balance and play with the tassel in the doorway. Happy tassel making and please feel free to ask me anything paper decorating oriented.

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