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My life has been one big DIY project.  The term Do It Yourself recognizes ones ability to make choices and changes according to what you need to accomplish in the time and ways that fit your needs.  Doing it myself doesn’t mean I have to do so alone, it just means that I am running my show and am collecting my tools and resources as I see fit. And asking for help is still you carrying through with your plan yourself. The people helping are like wisely chosen tools.

On my journey to find myself, I’ve asked for help from many therapists and counselors (aka “talking doctors”), each giving me a little something that I needed at that time. Therapists and counselors are the very best people to gather help from because they have no real stake in your game. They are a third party neutral and are there to help you make a plan without personal connection to your actions. My plan with my therapist is called a treatment plan. No you don’t have to talk endlessly forever. Yes, you can make goals with end dates with your talking doctors.

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Problems in need of solutions have a way of popping up in life. Perhaps this process helps to keep us clever and honing our survival skills. Problems are a heart’s request to grow. A request to make a plan and so I do. I go to the library and search the stacks for a pile of books on the subject in question. I’ll asked friends, strangers, and neighbors for their opinions as I figure stuff out. I listen to their stories as they relate to me, pull out what I need, and then I make a DIY plan.

I’ve made plan after plan after plan, weaving them and my goals and intended outcomes into the next one, all the while collecting the knowledge I glean from each attempt. And ultimately, I’m coming to understand that I’ve always been worth fighting for and that now I am standing right next to me. I am solid and I’ve got my back. The worry and anxiety have dissipated substantially because one of my plans was to decrease them. Another was to increase self-esteem. There is slow but steady growth there too.

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