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  • Savoring the Last Moments of Summer

    Savoring the Last Moments of Summer

    I allowed myself to lay in bed in these past several mornings. I don’t feel the need to leap up and go downstairs for coffee. Most of the time, my daughter’s already up so there won’t be guarenteed time for myself down there. And there’s no need for productivity to happen immediately. This is just […]

  • Emerging from the New Year’s Lull

    Emerging from the New Year’s Lull

    I am considering how to emerge from the “Lull”. I’ve been working on so much behind the scenes and in my head. Caught up in the doing and not the showing and telling. Coming to terms with, acknowledging, establishing, understanding, and claiming my inner and outer worlds. I always struggle with what is important enough […]

  • Mothering For the Long Haul

    Mothering For the Long Haul

    I get the feeling that in the old days, people had kids to add more hands to the labor pool. The more bodies, the better to help plant, pick, and pickle. And yes, they were all jammed into small cabins on the prairie or in the hollow much like we are today. Welcome to our […]

  • Searching For Self Boundaries

    Searching For Self Boundaries

    Remembering that we learn from others and especially our parents how important we are. Without this early context we are doomed to search for it.

  • Being on Purple : The Good Girl Control

    Being on Purple : The Good Girl Control

    At my daughter’s school, the children’s behavior is monitored daily by a stoplight inspired grading system. If you’ve behaved yourself , you get on a green status. If you received a warning, its yellow. And a bad choice will get you to red status and probably get you sent to a principal’s waiting room, or […]

  • Body Buddy

    Body Buddy

    When my son was little, if I saw he was doing something that would hurt himself intentionally, I’d say, “Don’t hurt my friend”. I say this to my daughter as well. The idea is that I care about them as much as I would a friend seems to be not as obligatory but a choice […]

  • The Mother Buffer Zone

    The Mother Buffer Zone

    I’ve always said she wants to be my hat and sit on my head. When my daughter is feeling needy, she can’t be on top of me enough. Everything that she emotionally needs is drawn from me and it’s more than draining. The give and the take between a girl and her mother is exhausting […]

  • Feeling Your Pain Versus Being Your Pain

    Feeling Your Pain Versus Being Your Pain

    Since being a mother, I’ve had many “growth opportunities” to rethink how I express how I’m feeling about myself or my children. These are called AFGOs (another fabulous growth opportunity). Today, instead of yelling at and being impatient with my daughter for crying again for the umpteenth time about her pain which I perceived as […]

  • 25 Year-Old Crazy Brain

    25 Year-Old Crazy Brain

    At our dinner party the other night I asked my friends what it was that they remembered having the crazy notion to do and suddenly doing at the age of 25? Three of us said we had gotten married. Because I have noticed recently that there’s definitely a switch that gets thrown developmentally in a […]

  • My Children are the Bully and the Terrorist

    My Children are the Bully and the Terrorist

    It’s conflicting to be a parent. They are of me but not mine. I need to be open and honest for them to trust me. But I need to keep a safe distance when they have to work out who they are because sometimes, that work is at my expense. Frankly, my children will bully […]