I am considering how to emerge from the “Lull”. I’ve been working on so much behind the scenes and in my head. Caught up in the doing and not the showing and telling. Coming to terms with, acknowledging, establishing, understanding, and claiming my inner and outer worlds.

I always struggle with what is important enough or necessary enough to share. I would tell you anything but where to start? Where to put your attention and my energy?

The answer is somewhere, anywhere. Because if you wait until you create the perfect online plan or platform to start, you’ll have waited too long. It’ll be 5 years from now and you’ll regret every painful moment that’s passed as you allowed fear to make your living choices for you.

Emerging from the New Year's Lull on Shalavee.com

Kick him right out of the driver’s seat, thank him for his input, tell him you’ll take his alarming edicts into consideration, and speed down the woman’s way highway. So this is me putting some metal down.

I’ve got #OurCreativeJanuary wrapping up. I’ll be starting The 100 Day Project on January 31st. See the100dayproject.org for more information or reference this blog post.

I’m taking a break from aiding my Mom because frankly her lack of gratitude and perpetual pushing away began to feel abusive. I’ve been expected to show up for her all of my life by both of us. Maybe I don’t need to be so swell.Emerging from the New Year's Lull on Shalavee.com

The word has just come in that my daughter is going back to school next week so this provides a huge relief in terms of space and quiet for me to create. She’s still my hat at home.

And I’ve begun a weight loss journey to bring myself back to a place I recognize and admire myself. Using some different psychological techniques via Noom and it’s OK.

I am also committing to showing up on my blog every Tuesday as I still am working on my blog revamp. I feel like it needs to have a soft launch by March 1st. We’ll now see won’t we? I am intending to come back to posting Tuesdays and Fridays here again . Have begun to warm my engine up.


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