I allowed myself to lay in bed in these past several mornings. I don’t feel the need to leap up and go downstairs for coffee. Most of the time, my daughter’s already up so there won’t be guarenteed time for myself down there. And there’s no need for productivity to happen immediately. This is just about feeling the depth of these lazy last days of Summer. Before the school routine begins with drop offs and pick ups, appointments and dance classes.

I don’t think I could enjoy this all of the time because it wouldn’t be special. But I certainly did today. Fiona eventually found me. And we snuggled and I tickled and we chatted. And it was simple and easy and full of joy.

Here’s to those savored last minutes or the ones you are thinking you might need to take to enjoy the life and season you are in just now. My life is way better than I have ever given it credit for.


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