I never sleep in. Until Summer. This Sunday morning, I was so languorous in bed, my ear hurt from laying on it. And after I rose and descended the stairs for my first cup of coffee, there were no children demanding things of me. Luxurious sumptuous Summer Time. Remembering my creative soul life.

I made a loving breakfast of last chance potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and thyme from my porch garden. And now I sit listening to the Sleepy Hollow radio program on WXPN with my daughter arting on the floor with her markers coloring seascapes. My hand resting on a furry friend on the back of the couch, feet up on a stool, and the whoosh of cool air from the air vent keeping the tickle of sweat from blooming. Lukewarm coffee still in my cup as I make kind comments on Instagram.

Summer expands in the moment when you stop to feel it. Appreciation of where you are always makes everything feel shinier. Hope is worth the effort to stop and feel it.

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