As Summer is finally coming to an end, I offer up a few thoughts, memory bits, and photos of us squeezing the last drops of fun we could have.

First, a poem sent to me with a lovely card and feather from a new not too far away friend. The connections continue.

Card from a friend on


Summerfest last weekend was the perfect celebration to an August we truly enjoyed.

Summerfest on
belly dancers at Summerfest on
volunteering for Summerfest on

Eamon was a volunteer for the festival and got to play with legos while hanging out with the marvelous Judge Karen.

Afraid to go in on

Fiona was terrified and would not go into the bouncy thing on this day, Friday. But the next day, I had a heck of a time trying to get her out.

Overcame the fear the next day on
peach pie on

Oh did I mention I made a sumptuous peach pie which we scarfed down before the fireworks?

Fireworks at Summerfest on

The fireworks at the end are always such a treat. Fiona’s hands were glued to her ears but she didn’t cry.

Destroying the sandsculpture on

And then there’s the annual destruction of the sand sculpture. What fun to start your day this way.

In the pool with Barbie on

And then one last dip in the Hello Kitty pool which has developed three fissures in its sides all plugged with plastic wrap globs.

The slip and slide on

And then we pulled out the slip and slide I’ve had in the garage for like three years and had some more fun-e-fun.

laying in the sun on

And then there was this. Laying in the Sun felt so necessary on this day.

Eamon kept saying we weren’t allowed to mention his going back to school because it was officially still Summer. And then we grilled hamburgers just to make sure we got the full Summer feeling in place.

Despite the rocky start my Summer had, I felt the ease I hoped for finally happened and we had a graceful bubble to occupy these last couple weeks before school started. I never felt sad or regretful because we did it the best way we knew how. And that id all you can do.

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    1. It’s the kid factor Jennifer. I have gotten sooo much good stuff done with Eamon back to school. Otherwise, I’d like the fun to keep on. But then there’s fires and smores and walks in the woods to look forward to.

  1. Sounds like you have coasted gracefully and thankfully to the end of summer. Mine is expiring nicely as well, but I do so love summer and the heat (Sacramento heart beats in this old body of mine…)

    1. I love the way you phrased that Carmelita and I’d agree. Coasted gracefully and thoughtfully to the end of Summer indeed. The onslaught of hot flashes makes me long for chilly nights. Also makes children sleep in. Ha.
      Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Thank you Dawn. I think I was almost surprised when I found the photo of them in my camera. And yes, I’d agree, it will be fun to see the pictures later too.
      Love Ya’,

  2. That photo of Eamon & Fiona? What a perfect end of Summer photo. And of the love and comfort that have for and with each other. I know it isn’t always like that. But it IS and how very wonderfully special. (And as an aside…as a scrap booker that picture is just screaming out to me!!!)

    1. Isn’t it funny but if you keep shooting, you’re liable to up the chances of getting good ones. Although I was fumbling apparently as there’s a finger in the way. When we had Fiona, Mark was moved by the comfort that now they have each other. And they are siblings. They love/hate each other. And it’s a production every day. But there both so sweet and I too am glad they have each other.
      Thank you for your thoughts and your compliment Shannon.

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