For too many years, my world was about going it alone. About making ends meet. And not letting anyone in. They might have seen I was really just surviving. I was faking it without making it.

Yet, the one time it feels essential to be surrounded by women folk is when a baby is destined to enter our world. The team understands the necessity of circling, supporting, and providing.

For many of us, the first baby did not bring this enlightenment. We still tried to be self-sufficient, noble, and act like everything was OK. Fine. Great. And we were isolated and abandoned by ourselves even in a crowded room.

I was honored yesterday to receive a surprise baby shower from my wonderful neighbor, for this my second child eight years later.  These women, who truly care about me, gathered in hopeful recognition of me and my unborn child.

I will be forever grateful to these women, my sisters, mothers, and daughters. That in these last moments of bodily misery and building angst, they encircled me with their well wishes, their gifts, and their arms. And any and all doubts of my worthiness of their love vanished when they screamed, “Surprise”.

My gratitude and faith in love has been added to. My cup and my baby bounty runneth over. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



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  1. What a lovely surprise! We don’t do baby showers in Ireland. Sounds like it came at just the right time to give you a little boost. Nearly there now hon, thinking of you and sending good vibes from across the sea x o x

    1. First the picture Christmas cards, now the baby showers. Then again, if you have too many babies in your circles, it may get to be expensive. But otherwise, I say you might want to start a trend. And hire yourself out to do the parties? You know you are thinking about it now. Darn that second car problem. Thank you for your sweet well wishes. And I know you know. The closer the date gets, the further away it feels. Dear Me.

    1. My blog friend in Ireland, Jane, told me there are no baby showers there too. I told her she should start a trend and then become the party planner. Seems ironic that I wasn’t sure I was being thrown one and many cultures just don’t do this. It shows what we take for granted. Do so appreciate your comment Susanne.

  2. “abandoned by ourselves even in a crowded room.”

    what a BRILLIANT line

    I still isolated with the 2nd (cough cough and the 3rd), you come up the learning curve much faster! I had SO MUCH FUN at your shower! And we are tye dying socks and blouses for valentine’s day prezzies now!

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