I spend a lot of time seeing if I can do things. And then, once I prove them possible, I stop. The impetus always seems to lie in my proving that nothing is impossible or forbidden. But where I’d like to see myself end up is knowing all that I can and am and moving into using that to go where I want. I want to be proactive with my life.

Proactive Possibilities on Shalavee.com

Creatively weaving all of anything that serves me into a bigger purpose.

Proactive Possibilities on Shalavee.com

If I an the Ambassador of Creativity, what do I want to do to lead people toward their creative purposes? How can I have fun and construct my own creative purpose this way? Does it look like those FB videos I started and decided I could do? Does it lie in the book that I don’t want to want to write? Is it workshops or public speaking?

Instead of reacting to my life and avoiding all the ideas that I think I should be pursuing, I’d like to be meeting each step with exuberance and hope. That isn’t how I’ve ever done life but I get the feeling it can be done. What do you think?

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