We got new fiddle phones recently. You call them what you want but that’s what I call them because the touch screens require lots of fiddling. Due for upgrades as we were, we paid a little more for getting two android systems and the data stuff that goes with them. But I maintain that I’ll be well served when baby bound with the ability to keep up with my blog and communication traffic. When in Rome.

When home however, we felt jarred by these new mechanical toys.  As we endured and attempted to figure out how to set our communications notifications, very loud and weird sounds would suddenly erupt from our phones nearby and scare all of us. The scariest was the preset Android noises like the mechanical voice saying DROID!

There’s one rule I insist you must remember when getting new devices that manage your communication. It’s born from the same experience that established the “wear makeup and smile constantly at the DMV because she’ll snap the picture just when you don’t” rule.

When you get a new phone make sure to check the volume, frequency, and type of sound notifications for all of your different communication types. Calls, texts, voice mails, and missed calls all have different settings.Touch each one and test it or you will be sorry.

Sure enough, I have missed important messages from people who were only text messagers (they expect you to get the message because that’s how they communicate). I was waiting for the communication. But when I missed the one time beep, my phone was silent afterwards. And I never “checked” my phone. Oops. Too bad so sad.

We have our settings pretty much under control now. Except I do wonder if I need to be notified every loving time people post to Facebook. And why am I unable to set any sound to notify me when I’ve missed a call. Mark says there’s videos to watch. If you’re not Googling, you’re U-tubing.

Fiddling with the fiddle phones is what’s required when you have them and what I plan to eventually do as I feed my new baby after that “staring at my child for hours on end” thing has worn off. How long can that really last? I’ll just keep it to myself what’s happening with my breast while I text you. K? Text you later.


  1. Ha, Shalagh, I just a new phone a couple of days ago! It’s my first smartphone, so I feel part of the 21st century. At least. I think you can tweak things to how you like them. May just take a little hunting around to figure it out. My kids want my phone now, which is the most annoying development. I waited so long to have one. Whaa!!

    • The same with our boy. “But why can’t I have one?” he says. And yes, you need to set time aside to wander through it. Couldn’t even figure out hot to add a person to my directory the other day. Sigh. But made up a Joe Jackson Pandora station to listen to on Mark’s phone in a car ride yesterday! Crazy man.

  2. OMG – I think we probably just got the same phones! Both my 3 y.o. & more hysterically, my 15 month old, who can say little else repeat the “DROOOID!” notification with amazing accuracy. Very scary sounds when it first boots up, but have not bothered to change it. My 11 year old niece figured the entire phone out in about 30 seconds. Officially feeling “old”.

  3. Come to find out, Android operating systems are on many phones. And the sounds settings are easy enough to get to for the call notifications. But damn if I can figure out how to shut the phones incessant pie hole for the rest of the media notifications. My husband actually turned it off the other morning because he couldn’t stand to listen to it. I never turn it off in case I forgot and didn’t turn it back on. I want my 22 year old back for one night so she can set up the WII and my phone.

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