The first day

 I’ve been insisting that Eamon have his own kitten for over a year now. When we lost Butthead this past April, I asked and we received. Summer’s here and I imagined hours upon hours being occupied by playing with the kitten.

They're siblings too
They’re siblings too

So we rolled up to the nice lady’s trailor and plucked the little boy to take home for our little boy. On the ride home Eamon named him Crackers. He was to be a General Crackers. But he got demoted to Mister later.

In the stroller
In the stroller

Complete craziness is what these furry babies bring in their wake. And they have attention needs. And it is all good. Our remaining cat Peewee really needed a project too, although it took her a week to warm up to him.

Don't even think about it
Don’t even think about it

Now they’re frolicking and chasing like they’re supposed to. How lucky am I to have a baby and a kitten. Except for when they are both in need of sucking on me at the same time. Mr. Crackers will suck on anything and Eamon’s purple baby blanket got a little wet after this sucking session.

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