There’s a problem I have with how people give you instructions and advice. That “All you need to do is” attitude may work great for some people. Yes, you really may have no idea how to build a readership or self-publish an E-book. Most of us can find a number of resources to tell us how to get there. I stumble don’t stumble with the how but with my low self-esteem. My can’t.

Low Self Esteem is Debilitating on

For people with low self-esteem, it isn’t as simple as just do this to get that result. There’s another layer of difficulty that blocks us from even beginning. It’s the belief that we’re not even worth the effort. That we have no permission to rise above the place we’ve been keeping ourselves and ask for followers and assistance. This is unthinkable. We’re fairly certain everyone regards us as we do, not much there worth working for.

So until I began, and I think I have, to raise my self-value in my own eyes, I might give you a blank stare when and if you tell me that all I have to do is such and such. It’s just not that easy for everyone. Some of us have more to wade through to get to the “just do it” place than others. And being aware of that can make us all a little less judgmental and a little more compassionate for the stories people are not telling us.

Until I can, I can’t.

And that’s a harder place to fight your way out of than you might think.

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