My goal for the past some odd years is to get my writing published. I’ve had a few pieces published here and there on the inter-webs. And try as I might, have failed to have anything published in the physically written word world. Counting in my head, I’d say it was less than five rejections or failed attempts. Yet, you’d think I’d been told ‘No Way Jose’ by the entire Southern Hemisphere for the fear I feel at the mere thought of asking one more person.

slide from above on 50 asks : Call It Rejection Not Failure

Yet I keep dancing back to it. I am slightly jealous of the glee I see when someone I know gets published. I talk to all the right people asking all the right questions about getting published and then I sit with the information. Sit and wait to forget it. And now I’ve attended a writing workshop and a conference to pep up my skills, knowledge, and confidence. And there’s really nowhere to go but onward.

Hi, my name is Shalagh. I have fear of success. And I’m a freelance writer.

Down the slide on 50 asks : Call It Rejection Not Failure

While reading my friends stuff ,WHAM, again my friend inspires me saying she’s joining another Instagram friend and artist, Tammie Bennett, in a challenge called 50 Asks.

Here’s the thoughts that stuck in my head. You call it failure and it’s the end. The story is done. Whereas rejection is not the end, it’s a place you move from. But what if you didn’t focus on that word because it smarts. Instead, you call your queries and submissions Asks. And you aim to collect your asks from the world through your art or work. There’s nothing negative sounding there at all. And what if you ask for what you want from the Universe and add, “Or something better” to the end. Wow. Who knows what doors you’ll see opening.

This is also a huge continuation of a theme I’m working on. To not only ask but allow people to help me. This is also all about the concept of accountability.  I am entrusting people with this knowledge and have faith that they will root for me. And I’ve said it out loud so I gotta do it.

Martinak Park on 50 asks : Call It Rejection Not Failure

I am the underdog. And I so deserve to finally allow people to cheer me on and become the happy story I say I want. I will not DIE if I ask people to publish me. I may even make their day to give them something good to publish. How about that for reframing the story. OK so now I get to rewrite my goals and set some deadlines because it’s all conceptual until something gets written down.

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    1. Thank you Lillian for being a part of team Shalagh. I should make up cute t-shirts you can exercise in. The first rejection I’m going to dedicate to you. For real. That way it’ll lesson the blow dontcha think?
      Thanks a million plus one for your support.

  1. Hi Shalagh! I am new to your writing and blog, but have swiftly fallen head-over-heels – I feel like little arrows of AHA! are pinging me all over. As in, your words are hitting home, and I’m so happy to have someone express things so well, humorously, honestly, and with full commitment! Best wishes to you – you will be published!

    1. Rock On Dawn. I know that feeling of saying AHA! as a reader and feeling grateful to have found someone to read like that. So how flattering to have you say it back to me. Thanks so much for telling me and responding to my ask. I promise to keep doing what I do but it’s so much better with an enthusiastic audience.

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