The word honor suddenly asked to be thought of. What does it mean to me I wondered, to honor myself, my life. To treat myself with reverence and respect unlike my usual lack of respect and general pushing to do. What if I allowed myself to respect and revere and see myself and what I am here to do daily? How would that effect my outlook, my daily doing?

I Want to Honor Myself on

I often envy others their perspective. They can see their lives and what they are here for and how beautiful their day is. They capture it in their art and their social media and their words. Or are they just faking it? Because that is definitely a thing. I long to know what it feels like to almost cavalierly comprehend the meaning of my existence to me.

Without a reference for who we think we are, we are lost. If like me, your point of reference was a parent, you may be a lost adult struggling to see your value and worthiness in a larger world. But it is the fight to find yourself and your purpose and your value which is the truest most noble fight worth taking on. In fact we really don’t have a choice. We are otherwise just existing and surviving.

I long to know what it feels like to almost cavalierly comprehend

the meaning of my existence

So I ask again, what is it that I want to honor within myself and give back to my children and the communities I live in? I want to honor my offer of perspective and wisdom, of process and hope, of beauty and kindness, and of honesty and compassion. What you value in me, I hope to come to value as well. What do you value in you? Are these the same attributes as others see you to own?

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