Some friendships start due to proximity and then are maintained with intention. This is the story of my Hon friends and me.

We all worked together at the Cafe Hon in Baltimore, Maryland 20 years ago. We try to get together at least once a year and remember those times, ourselves, and the people we knew. We catch up on each others lives, listen to shared tragedies, and congratulate each other on our big choices.

John Lansing and his Redbud House shop on

To make all of this happen today, we took a road trip to go see our friend Rose and her fabulous kitchen shop in New Oxford, Pennsylvania called Red Bud House which she co-owns with her husband John Lansing.

John And Rose Lansing and their Redbud House Shop on
Sorry Rose, the only picture of you both!
Redbud House Kitchen Shop in New Oxford, Pennysylvania on
Terry at Redbud House Kitchen Shop in New Oxford, Pennysylvania on
Leslie and her new phone in Rose's shop n
Redbud House Kitchen Shop in New Oxford, Pennysylvania on

A short drive up route 30, aka Lincoln’s Highway, and we arrived at her lovely little old brick house where we toasted Rose and our visit, and she fed us a yummy pork, corn, and green chile chowder. And, of course, cherry pie.Rose knows the way to hearts. Yes, of course through our bellies. So yummy ! Thank you Rose.

Rose's House on
At Rose's house on
At Rose's on
Rose's cherry pie on

These get-togethers are always so grounding. We remember another part of ourselves here. We laugh and reminisce. We compare aging body war notes. We give our condolences to one another. We are remembered by each other and now we are saying our goodbyes. Two of our group are moving away, one to Florida and the other to Oregon.

Thank you Rose, Terry, Martha, and Leslie, for your loyalty and love for me all of these years. You are dearhearts and I love you all.

(And PS it was nice to meet you Sharon and Robin!)

Leslie and her new phone in Rose's shop n

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  1. Carm White Reply

    Youngest daughter works in New Oxford. Will have to cruise through their shop. Sounds like you had a great day catching up. Excellent. I am reconnecting with friends this Friday at a dog show. Dog shows were my second home for a lot of years. Miss some of the people, certainly the dogs, never the drama.

    • How small world is that Carm. Leah told me her sister had a job but how far is that from you?
      And then all I have to ask is, you did see Best In Show right?

      • It is about a 20 minute drive from our house. New Oxford is an adorable town; lots of shops to prowl through. The bakery on the traffic circle makes killer orange muffins.

        I have seen Best In Show and believe me, it is quite accurate in places. My biggest fear was that I would start to look like a dog show person. Scary!

        • So my friends store is right next to the bakery Carm! They say the bakery does close up at 3pm and people don’t even see her shop because they only have eyes apparently for those orange muffins. And having been there just yesterday, there are lots of cute things for Leah for Mother’s Day in there!!!
          And yes, the looking like your dog thing never actually ceases to amuse me.

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