Embarrassed to say, I dropped the ball on Father’s Day. No fancy Smilebox card like last year. Husband said maybe it was my pay back for his absence on Mother’s Day with a tone of forgiveness in his words. He’s a nice man. All he wanted was breakfast at Jimmy’s in Bridgeville, Delaware and a round of golf with his kid. He’s off doing the latter.

If I had thought about making a card, I would have included a thank you for making this parenthood thing easier with him to share it with. I would have said what a darned good Father he turned out to be. That his son thinks he’s a rock star/ hero and I think so too.

And that he embodies the kind of father I’d always wished I’d had. He’s gentle and patient and most of all, he’s present. Oh and funny and fun and fair and… You get the picture.

Thanks, Mark, for taking the kid golfing so I could enjoy the first quiet day since school ended. Hope you get the day you wanted too. I love you, Dadude.

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