I started my blog 7 years ago. Right before I got pregnant with my last child. The blog helped me to focus on writing regularly and to better my writing skills. I also gained confidence and esteem as I had to put myself out here and socialize with the world which I otherwise would never have done. And it gave me something to be and do besides mothering. A chance to have my own identity: myself.

Why I am the Most Prolific Blogger You are Not Reading on Shalavee.com

It’s been a gradual metamorphosis. I have begun to finally see that I perhaps Can do things that seem hard and be vulnerable and I won’t die. But the number one thing that has kept my readership low is that I hardly ever ask anyone to do anything. I only started asking people to even read my blog on Instagram maybe a year ago. I was afraid they wouldn’t want to read, that I wasn’t worthy of the read, so why ask.

Except I was worthy of reading. But the internet only rewards those who step up and tell you what to do. Read Me Now!  Just because I have good content doesn’t mean I will be found by my best and most perfect readership. And if my writing doesn’t hold someones’ attention, I’d rather them walk away than be unhappy. I am a dedicated and prolific writer and blogger and the number one reason that I don’t have a bigger following is because I never thought myself worthy of them. But I’m working like heck on it !

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