When last I spoke of the stove, the story wasn’t going well. Sears had “messed” up. All their kiss butt customer service people couldn’t put it back together again. And I had given up hope. But not Mark (or Kathy). No. He was the picture of perseverance. He went online to a company called PartSimple who refurbishes parts. And ordered us up some rehabbed stove’s brains for $137, plus shipping.

My Dandy Handyman

The part came on Tuesday. He said Thursday he’d put it in. I had waited this long. Today, Thursday, he began to install it only to find that he was going to have to disassemble the new Johnny 5 to swap a part of the part. So he practiced pulling it apart like an assembly line pro. Did you know the soldered component boards are called “bread boards”? He did. Bad soldering memories for him. But this only involved his leatherman.

And he stuck that bad boy in and…TA DA… As I no longer dared to hope…It worked.

Fiona says he’s her favorite Daddy

So I made roasted red potatoes tonight to go with my Faidley’s crabcakes and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden. And we may have to celebrate with a bottle of Smoking Loon Pinot Noir. Yippee. Here’s to my husband and boo hiss to Sears, you schmucks. I have my oven back no thanks to you. My friend Anne suffered the same fate with the same stove BTW.

I am glad my oven cleaning effort won’t go to waste

The beginning and end of the story, all appliances suck and are necessary. See Stupid Plastic Parts for more appliance breaking hilarity.


    • He’s a good man. And the stovetop is his cleaning department. I Never Do As Good A Job As Him! (Threw that in so he’ll keep it up) Yay Us and our fab husbands.

  1. How wonderful your husband fixed it, Shalagh! All your waiting paid off. Congrats on your good news. My dryer is broken now in my house. It’s dire and must be fixed immediately, but I will probably need to wait, too.

    • Oh Amy, we fixed the dryer too once when my sister brought her 11 tupperware totes of laundry for Christmas and the dryer stopped being hot. It seems those gigantic electric coils(think large hairdryer) can just break from all the heating and cooling. Mark ordered the part and shazam, it was fixed. I hope your story has a happy ending too Amy. Not that the laundry blob will care. But it’s school time soon, right?

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