Ah, are these summer days dragging on at lightening speed or what? The joy and the pain of recent events are as follows.


Our oven died. I  freaked out when the chicken still wasn’t done by 8 in the evening. Thought I was blinder than I had imagined and upset, I reset the oven. Yah, No. The bottom element was cold. So the first week we replaced that. Then we replaced a switchy relay thinger. Then we called in a fix it friend. And now we’re waiting for the Sears repair guy between 8 and 5 on Tuesday.

Tried making oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies in the narrow side oven. All that fits are these pans. Eamon called it an “epic failure”. It was a soak and scrape endeavor.


Fiona got a present from Mum Mum. Exer-saucer!!


The garden gave us some stuff to pick. Figs and a cucumber and grape tomatoes.


We beat the heat by hopping into Brianna’s pool.


Or sliding into it.


And we got to reconnect with some long time friends. Grateful.


There were a couple other “events” that were good enough to require their own posts. Stay tuned. And pray for my oven.


  1. Your oven story reminds me of when my microwave oven broke a couple of years ago – I didn’t realise it had broken because the light still came on, the turntable still turned and it still made all the right noises, but clearly the waves weren’t waving. I was trying to cook some potatoes in it, and I was like “These are the weirdest potatoes ever, they’ve been in there about 20 minutes and they’re still rock hard!” Ha. Hope your oven gets sorted, it’s a mighty nice looking oven I must say!

    • Today the men came. They said it’ll be 500 dollars to replace the board/brain and they’ll be back next Thursday. Thank you sir, may I have another. I dream of a professional stove. A Vulcan. Mine just looks fancy. Check out my dying microwave post called Daggone Appliances.
      Thanks so much for strolling through Vanessa. I am cheered in my time of resigned sadness.

    • Oh Lisa. How’s your job? Happy for your featuring and guest posting and what nots. Me too, me too. The figs, they love the sun. A tree was removed and bam. We actually have sandy salinic soil. My girlfriend’s fig in Balto. is like 15 feet high and up against a wall of a brick house. Not impossible.
      And as another old married couple, oh the snoring stories we have. your story and cuteness.

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