Back in May, I wrote piece bemoaning my forced march to get used to new tech and a new car. You can read that little rant here. My new car definitely still has its drawbacks like the fact that it looks like every other car so that I’ve actually approached other cars thinking they were mine and even opened a door! But it’s clean and has great pick up for a four-cylinder.

The new Android Samsung phone is still being paid for and I’m getting used to it. The clear case I bought is turning yellow on the edges probably from skin oil. Ewww. And I still can’t figure out how to have it go straight to where I want it to without having to tap and swipe. But I can send pictures straight to my blog’s gallery!

Don't let the tech be your downfall on Shalavee

It was just at the beginning of the Summer that my ratty old computer gave it up. It’s wi-fi chip burned out. And we had the $1,000 to buy a new Dell so I did. But again, new tech aggravates me. I allowed it to sit for a while as I’d scheduled blog posts and it was the beginning of Summer. But eventually, I had to touch it.

The keys are something I have to get used to. I am a speed hunter and pecker but the play and spacing are different for this keyboard. I like the swipe scroll which I used to have and then burned out a long time ago on my old laptop. But now I can not figure out how to download my pictures off my phone and I’ve truly done everything. 

This is where I’m going to tell you, it’s time to get the tech guy in here. So many times I’d allow the technical problems to overwhelm me. Creatives are often technophobes. But there is no reason to torture ourselves like that. We need to ask for the right help at the right time. I got my own tech guy last year and have not had nearly as much anxiety since I did. Please never let a technical snafu stand in your way of creating again. Your creativity is way more important. Let the right people do the thing they are good at and you continue to follow your passion , Okay?

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  1. I have my own tech guy, too. He can work on my computer long distance so doesn’t aways have to make a trip. Perfect!

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