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  • Embrace the Hedonistic Ways of Your 20’s

    Embrace the Hedonistic Ways of Your 20’s

    In my 20’s, there was a beauty supply outlet up the street from me. I bought my first bottle of henna there. And over the years, I collected, nay amassed, a pretty impressive array of lipsticks and nail polishes. I hoarded mud masks and liquid eyeliners and I was hedonistic heroine with a date to […]

  • The Connecting Business

    The Connecting Business

    I had a marvelous weekend this one past (August 2015) as all my beauty needs were serviced on Friday and Saturday. Mark had won a beauty basket from a raffle at a town fundraiser. On Saturday, I enjoyed the free facial and manicure and added a pedicure and of course tipped my gals. With the […]

  • Mall Glamor

    Mall Glamor

    I had occasion to take a walk through a mall recently. Meeting a dear friend halfway between our houses meant meeting for lunch in the Annapolis Mall. And having parked at one end, I discovered that the restaurant was at the complete opposite end. So I figured I’d get a good power walk in. And […]