Reached the Halfway Point on my #100DayProject 2020

Yes, I am 50 days into my one hundred days long art project aka my 100 day challenge aka 100 days of Shalagh. I am halfway through. Honestly, the habit is established in the first two weeks .Reached the Halfway Point on my #100DayProject 2020 on

After that it becomes a given. Up to that point, you may play mindgames with yourself about whether you will finish or not.Reached the Halfway Point on my #100DayProject 2020 on

Once you stop that and just show up unquestionably for a length of time, you become your own superstar.

Reached the Halfway Point on my #100DayProject 2020 on

By the end of the project, no matter how many of your pieces you think suck, you can revel instead on how much you showed up for you, how worth it you are.

Reached the Halfway Point on my #100DayProject 2020 on

And that is worth it. So worth it.

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  1. Jane says:

    You are doing so well!

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