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  • Chosen and Unchosen Changes

    Chosen and Unchosen Changes

    I’ve noticed how I feel differently about my life as we pass the one year anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic of 2020. I feel a lot calmer. How did that happen? Because changes happened, both by choice and by time. I found myself saying no to a string of requests for my time […]

  • What Do You Do All Day Mommy?

    What Do You Do All Day Mommy?

    She asked me this question when we were waiting in the car rider drop-off line at school. What do I do all day? I told her that I was going to exercise and that when I get home I have to do household chores and writing. And then come back and pick her up at […]

  • How Do We Begin to Consider Ourselves Heroes ?

    How Do We Begin to Consider Ourselves Heroes ?

    I was doing the dishes this morning and it struck me that any woman that gives herself credit for her thoughts and talents is my hero. I have struggled for so long with not only figuring out what I think, but then owning those thoughts out loud. The weight of knowing yourself in and of […]

  • Moments of Profundity

    Moments of Profundity

    I tried to sit with my thoughts today. To write. To extract some sort of profound truth from my day. And my brain said “sploop”. Moments of profundity sometimes won’t show up on demand betwixt days and days of 7 year old daughter harassment and 15 year old son idiocy. So be it. It may […]

  • Our Parents and Ourselves

    Our Parents and Ourselves

    Anne Lamott said “Write as if your parents are dead.” In an attempt to save people from your truth, you censor yourself from writing about your pain. This pain has made you you and may have been caused by them. And this mutes your most important story. And now Their Shames have become yours. You […]

  • The Next Right Thing But Quicker

    The Next Right Thing But Quicker

    I’m still struggling with how to do the next rightest thing by my Mom. She’s been out of the hospital for a month. Progress is slow and on her terms. She shrieks and grouses when I attempt to move on to places she’s afraid of. The layers of neglect and chaos are so deep. When […]

  • Self-care Sunday Thoughts

    Self-care Sunday Thoughts

    The rain has finally stopped and the blue skies are filled with cartoon exhaust clouds. My son’s friends are all happily yelling at the video game they are playing. The smell of chili and banana bread permeate the house. Am trying to squelch the pain of my SI joint which has returned with Ibuprofen. And […]

  • An October ’20 Update

    An October ’20 Update

    Let me catch you up dearest readers on what has blown up my life. If you follow me on social media, you’ll already know that I have been dealing with my mother’s fall and her subsequent hospital visit. But this story goes much much deeper for me as many mother stories do. I have been […]

  • Ah Do Do Do, Ah Da Da Da, S’all I Want to Say to You

    Ah Do Do Do, Ah Da Da Da, S’all I Want to Say to You

    Am I doing it right? I dunno. Am I doing it anyway, Yup! This week is filled with anticipation of Autumn and all the cleaning and doing projects that seem to accompany the break in hot weather. Home and garden maintenance and cleaning. The windows look horrid. The bought potted perennials need planting. Things need […]

  • Ten Things about this Pandemic that Bother Me Most

    Ten Things about this Pandemic that Bother Me Most

    I am sure we all have had enough of certain aspects of this Pandemic. I decided to list mine. And no, the masks didn’t make it to the list because I understand their necessity. Our mandatory mistrust of one another in order to be safe is so bothersome to me ie. I trust and someone […]