I have continued to remain somewhat unplugged as Summer has set in and taken hold of my family life. A continuation from my last post in which I spoke of letting things sit and seeing what they mean and where to go from here. My intuition told me that in order to understand, I needed to listen.

So, I am.

And this is my story.

We were busy in those first weeks of Summer. We went to the beach and then camps happened. I was busy with all the motherly details that are involved in all of that plus keeping up with my weight loss and exercise plan. Packing and transportation coordination to begin with. A little gardening while the weather remained mild. As Summe on Shalavee.comr Rolls On

We’ve now celebrated our annual Fourth of July with our friends and it’s gotten hot outside.

And I’m beginning to feel twitchy.

There are no projects on my agenda. In fact I have no agenda whatsoever except what is needed from me to show up for my family. My calendar remains much untouched.

As much as I love cooking, I’m beginning to twitch a little. Having spent a lifetime of valuing myself for what I’ve accomplished, the not doing but being thing is kinda hard it turns out.As Summe on Shalavee.comr Rolls On

I’ve happily returned to reading books. I devoured a sci-fi/fantasy book during our vacation and am now well into another. This return to reading is a blessing for my “compulsively doing” soul. I’ve also taken up watching a PBS series called Poldark which features the right amount of costumes, accents, scenery, and violin music to be a satisfying daily indulgence watch.

Although I burned myself out with the 100 Day Project, I do miss actively creating. But I made it a bad thing. So I’m awaiting some inspiration on what I feel I want to engage in next. Because even Uber-creatives can fall silent.

And meanwhile, I’m also still a parent which means that there are dramas unfolding all the time with my children. Because, parenting.

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