I started out this year’s project feeling very clever. As I was a television and film major, I thought that the words and pictures would be a great way to combine both sides of my brain. And I bought myself a new toy to play with, the Kodak polaroid camera and printer. That was a seriously cool purchase.

Except for when we went on vacation at Easter, I kept it going every day based on my real life and real time. Meaning, there weren’t too many planned posts. It was more spontaneous. This is also the way I mostly post on Instagram, taking pictures and writing words that inspire me.

Yet now that the pandemic is winding down, I am not feeling the same zen sense I was feeling about my home life. So, there is less mindfulness than in prior years projects. 

And I’ll be honest, I was hoping that there would be just as much interaction with my posts as in previous projects. But for whatever reasons, Facebook’s narrowing of my audience or just a lack of interest in my medium, there was a lot of crickets. And I felt lonely.

I’m the kind of person who needs the interaction, that’s the social part of social media. But as time progressed, it was all I could do to post the one picture in a day. Much less post other posts and really interact with others.

You know how if you have something in your space for two long, it becomes invisible to you because it loses its meaning? That sort of what happened with this project. It began to feel like I was in a corner talking to myself.

Expectations will mess you up every time. But the project does always remind me that I’m much more reliable than I give myself credit for. With all of that, enjoy the last of my #100DaysofShalagh for 2022.

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