In my previous post, the first 25 days of the 100-day project 2022, I spoke about the technical tasks and difficulties of this project medium. Getting the polaroid printer to behave and all the applications that it takes me to deliver these little thought pictures.

As for the thoughts I write, they are often harder to come up with and much more revealing than you may know. I may not know exactly how I can word something to make sense and fit in the space. I have scrapped a few because it just wasn’t the right message or the picture came out too light or dark.


On day numbers 50 and 51, I wanted to convey that pull between telling the truth and showing something pretty. My dark and my light.


There isn’t too much planning. It’s a very spontaneous project. My intention was to tell the stories about the place and objects that I live with. In fact, while I write this, I have yet to take my picture for today. I have to grab the daylight too or my picture will post a day late.


Enjoy this gallery of pictures 26 through 51.



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