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We celebrated Fiona’s arrival last weekend with a few close friends.
An opportunity to share her and entertain. I’d forgotten how much we enjoy throwing a party. And I wanted to prove that I still have it. Even with the wee Fi hanging off me, I managed to make most of the food ahead of time. And decorate enough to make myself happy.

Terry, Fiona, and me

  Terry, Fiona, and Me

Mark and Aunt Barbara
Aunt Annette and Uncle Paul with Fiona

Mark and his Aunt Barbara


Aunt Annette and Uncle Paul

The party girl

Eamon got some presents too while Fiona was a hot potato

Eamon reading to Carolina

Fiona was the Belle of this Party

Pegeen and Caitlin

Eamon read to little Carolina from Super Diaper Baby

Ginny, Shelly, and Gayle

Pegeen and Caitlin


Shelly with her daughter Ginny and Gayle. Red headed babies!!

Daisies, stock, and soldago

Lamb chop puppet from Lisa. Eamon grabbed her up and eventually made her annoying.

Daisy and stock close up

Daisies, Stock, Solidago, and Waxflowers were the base for my arrangements.I made the ceiling treatment from the darling paper lantern I got at Bella Luna in Rehoboth and the vintage lanterns which hung in a tree for our wedding.

Paper lantern love for Fiona's party
stock and waxflower in vase on mantel
Baby card display

So Many beautiful pink cards to add to the decorating. They are everywhere.

Guitar and baby cards
Pegeen's best baby outfit

And Miss Pegeen got THE outfit. So now I have to stage the photo shoot.

THE Christmas ornament

And the perfect Christmas ornament from Miss Amanda.


Stolen idea from Decor8, ribbons on the light fixture.

The livingroom party ceiling

And a last swag of this thrifted fabric that screams girl

pink floral fabric swag

We are so grateful to the powers that be to have given us both a beautiful daughter and a charming handsome son. And that we have so many to count us as dear friends and we them. And happy to have our house looking so dapper. Because there’s no surer way to get to all those tasks done than have a party. And to get some leftovers. And your kid clothed. And a fence built. And… Mark’s 50th is in October! Party Girl is back and she’s got a protegé.

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