As you may know, men shop differently than women. If you’ve got a plan of shopping action, he’s willing to here it and execute it. But there’ll be no lollygagging and meandering about aimlessly for items.

The first Christmas season we spent together, we went to the Towson (Maryland) Mall and went separate ways to shop. And when we met back up at the appointed place, Mark was pale and shaky. Seems he’d been traumatized previously by shopping. Maybe he was hypoglycemic too, who knows.

So it’s been many of years of shopping therapy. The last time we went out, he knew his size and style of preferred jeans and his tailored shirt numbers so well that there was no fuss. I was astounded that we didn’t have to try on anything else.

And this week he surprised me with, “Let’s go shopping”. And we did and again there was no drama. We teased each other and strolled the baby around the store and then we were done. $300 in Kohl’s got us 5 shirts, 2 jeans, 2 shorts, and 2 pr of shoes. And when I came upstairs the next morning, He’d laid out his clothes out so nicely on the bed. Had to take the picture.

The second pair of shoes were on his feet. I thought about taking a picture of the ones he finally was allowing me to replace. But your eyes would burn to see them they’re that hideous.

And now I really need to get myself some new or even gently used clothing that don’t have spots or pregnancy panels on them. I suspect that the reason I no longer have anything this size is because I let go of those when I lost that weight last Spring. My ever changing wardrobe lamentation posts are here and here.

If you’ve got a good Mars vs. Venus shopping story, do tell.

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  1. When I saw “Man Shopping,” I thought – “oh NO! She’s single – with a new baby. How horrible!” But the post was something entirely different. Thank God! 😉

  2. lol i thought you meant shopping FOR men and I tripped over myself clicking on the link!!! lmao!!!!!!!!

    1. I got me Mr. Right.But he’s not always been right in the head when it came to shopping. But now it’s not even that good of a story to tell. Thanks for stopping to chat Michelle.

  3. LOL Shalagh! It’s always so clear how in love you are, so I HAD to read more. Hey, you got us to click! Laughing at how “old and married” you are. I love it.

    1. I think it’s neat that you said this Amanda. Because I’m in my life and don’t see. The perspective is nice and dear. Thanks and I hope this happiness for everyone. Many don’t realize how much agony and sorrow Mark and I both endured in our first marriages.

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