The deed is done. And yet it’s not. Because there’s a ton of stuff still laying about in my way like a diplomat’s bored daughter. And it’s taking on a radioactive half-life in the bright light of reality.

Eamon's yard sale - Copy
stuff and more stuff
my yard sale girls

A weeks worth of sorting, pulling, weeding, and pricing stuff for a mere $200 . More money than I had. And now I’m surrounded by stuff I was done with before the sale and now I’m double done with.

The good news was that I had the next destination for the stuff preplanned. The infamous church yard sale. Bad news is that I have to touch it two more times. Once to get it in the truck and once to get it out. which equates to a total of five times handled. Thinking I was tired of my stuff before? At least it was hidden from my sight right?

Sadly, I had to take money from people who obviously had stuff addictions. But all of my patrons and lookers and stuff fondlers were really happy and pleasant. The weather held and was even pleasant mid day. The traffic wasn’t great but my kid creatively began to wave people in from the road. They said they stopped because the cute kid flagged them in.

And the happiest note, after the stuff actually leaves my possession, is that I got to see some of  my customers from the shop. Misses Julie and Nancy and Karen were all die-hard shoppers at Bally Eden. I guess I’ll be owing you some pictures soon.

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  1. I love how you told the truth about our identity getting wrapped up in our stuff and what it takes to go through it and get rid of it. I feel like the main use of a yard sale is to make things go from fraught with emotion to “get the heck off my lawn, you space hogging monsters!” Congratulations on digging out those emotive possessions and moving forward.

    1. And then there I was staring at my stuff that I’d broken up with. Awkward. So tomorrow we’re giving two carloads a ride somewhere else. why do I feel it’s still not over?

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