Do you remember my drawing mannikins from my shopping trip extravaganza to Tuesday morning?

They ended up being an ongoing moveable diorama on this window ledge through to the stairway.

I probably missed a few set-ups before I realized that there was a pattern here.

One guess as to who set this one up. The son says the boy is happy because the Mommy is dead.

I believe we were on our way to making up over the next week.

And then we were here again. Victory was his again. He is walking on my lifeless body.

And then, the day before Valentines Day, we made up.

What makes me think that my son and I will always perform this dance ?

And the PS post picture?

He says,” Hey Mommy look at this!”

“What’s going on here son?”

“The Mommy’s turned into a zombie and the kid is running.”

It all comes from being undead and not knowing it.




  1. No, Shalagh, don’t turn into a zombie! That’s funny, he had to throw that in. It was so calm before then. What fun to tell stories with them.

    • There’s some sort of program/place/thing that you can zombify yourself on the computer. We should try that.

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