So my ever curious kid asks,”How did you go from running energetic Mommy to pregnant slow breathless turtle Mommy?” or something like that. I asked him to repeat and he did.

I say,”The baby in my belly made that happen.” But that didn’t quite satisfy him.

So we pull down the Webster’s dictionary. I told him to look up the word ‘parasite’.

He does and reads it out loud. I’ll recap.

One organism living on or in another and taking from the host but not really giving anything back.”

Like ticks or fleas on dogs and cats.

I asked him, “Why do you think people would want to have babies then?”

He answers, “They want to regenerate themselves and continue their existence through another generation.”

Did I mention the boy is really smart.

Apparently he was listening when we had the birds, bees, and cats conversation.

I wanted to add that some cultures fear getting old and want to make sure there is someone around to take care of them but I didn’t.

So to recap, bellybaby/mama relationships are parasitic.

The rest of your relationship outside the womb depends on your leadership and expectations.


    • Thank you Jane. Eamon is a little scary smart. He’s a memory like a steel trap. And he said things like”my apologies” when he burped at the dinner table. And this morning, after I asked if he was dressed yet, he says “Not entirely”. A gentleman in the making. As well as an awesome big brother.

    • Yes third trimester’s a b*%@#*. I was surprised to find that the parasitic definition was true. I apparently wasn’t clear in my suggestion that it only remains that way if the parent continues to encourage the relationship in that direction. I can tell you that my son’s contribution to who my husband and I are is enormous. I say it often. I have risen to his occasion. And yes, the microchimera thing is really cool.

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