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  • Re-finding and Redefining Yourself

    Re-finding and Redefining Yourself

    I find myself once again, for the seemingly thousandth time, doubting my reason d’etre. I have been experiencing a bout of ennui, not feeling motivated or inspired by my life. Again. Of course, it’s always The Fear Mother, the fiendish shadow in the soul that crawls in and darkens my thoughts. Casts spells of forgetfulness […]

  • A Wise Why

    A Wise Why

    I am busy re-assessing why the heck I’d want to get anything published. It’s all been so painful with the asking to be rejected kind of stuff, I had to stop cold and reconfigure my why. Because if it’s for your approval, I’ve discovered, it’s not going to work for me. A wise why is […]

  • Readjusting My Why

    Readjusting My Why

    People always focus on the how. How do we get there from here? How can we accomplish that, earn that, thwart that, teach and learn that? But we seem to forget, or we don’t realize, that without a good why, we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll find that our well intentioned train is dead and abandoned […]

  • Perhaps It’s Permission Not Purpose You Seek

    Perhaps It’s Permission Not Purpose You Seek

    For my first couple of years as a blogger, I was barraged with information about what the career online people, including bloggers, were doing. They had goals and purpose. They had widgets and conferences. They had tribes and elevator speeches. And I said “Me Too”. Being a “make it my way” kinda gal didn’t make […]

  • Most Importantly, Why?

    Most Importantly, Why?

    You may remember, or I’m informing you now, that last March I taught a blogging workshop. My premise and guiding theme for this was “Your Why is your How”. Because sometimes we get so bogged down with the how of a thing, we forget that the why will get us through all the hows we […]

  • Reflection : The Knowing Equals the Going

    Reflection : The Knowing Equals the Going

    I needed to write these words to a friend on Instagram today. I needed to hear myself say them. I started with a quote that keeps returning to my brain. “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” –Anais Nin– […]