I am busy re-assessing why the heck I’d want to get anything published. It’s all been so painful with the asking to be rejected kind of stuff, I had to stop cold and reconfigure my why. Because if it’s for your approval, I’ve discovered, it’s not going to work for me. A wise why is my better bet. And it’s all in the way that I frame it for myself. I pondered this before here and the truth there is compelling. But I am still stuck.

A wise why on SHalavee.com

I think we all have a tendency to put ourselves in auto-pilot. We head for the thing that we think we should be doing. And it’s also possible to head for the same goal but for a completely different reason. And that’s a shift I have been hard at work making; changing out my why.If my why has always been for my approval, it takes some willful rerouting of my brain to switch that to doing it for my happiness.

This year, I claimed courage as my word of the year. I did it in the hopes that I would feel more courageous to submit pieces to online magazines by claiming courage as my word. Hah! So I have now handed it over to my Mastermind group in the hopes that accountability would be a budge. And I think it’s actually working.

A wise why on SHalavee.com

Yesterday I read a brilliant suggestion to write a letter to your stalled goal and see if you could flush out some new perspective on where your why you had gone awry. And this is what I came up with.

Dear Writing Submission Goal,

You are a noble goal, a worthy goal. When I first created you, you were the highest most validating goal I could come up with. I would be a writer if I was published.

What I failed to understand though was that publishing, or submitting to published, can not be for anyone but me. My amusement, my happiness, and my approval needs to be the first priority. And until I sorted out what and who all this effort was for, I wouldn’t take you back up again.

I am slowly finding my way back to you in a way that feels honest. I have discovered my talent truly now. I believe what I say has foundation and worth and that it’s better than many others getting published currently. When I do get published, it will be for my merit. I believe  being published will further my progress towards so many other worthwhile opportunities.

I want you to know I still believe in you, I’m just changing out your frame.


              Shalagh “

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  1. Shalagh, you are a writer because you write in the context of developing your craft. You don’t want to dance around the act of writing; for you, writing IS the dance.

    Love, m & jb (who cannot BUT embody cat dancing)

    Her website banner reads…

    Josephina Ballerina
    “The dancing ways of a young tortoiseshell cat named Josephine.”


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