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  • No More Time Off

    No More Time Off

    I’m officially done with Summer. I’m done with the heat. I’m done with the pushy little girl I live with. I’m done with children in the house. I need time and spaciousness to myself so that I can embrace the beautiful things that reside in me awaiting their freedom. We had some moments, Summer and […]

  • Emerging from the New Year’s Lull

    Emerging from the New Year’s Lull

    I am considering how to emerge from the “Lull”. I’ve been working on so much behind the scenes and in my head. Caught up in the doing and not the showing and telling. Coming to terms with, acknowledging, establishing, understanding, and claiming my inner and outer worlds. I always struggle with what is important enough […]

  • Being on Purple : The Good Girl Control

    Being on Purple : The Good Girl Control

    At my daughter’s school, the children’s behavior is monitored daily by a stoplight inspired grading system. If you’ve behaved yourself , you get on a green status. If you received a warning, its yellow. And a bad choice will get you to red status and probably get you sent to a principal’s waiting room, or […]

  • Kindergarten Homework

    Kindergarten Homework

    With our enthusiastic “Go get’em” faces on, we waved our son onto the number 14 bus bound for Kindergarten. Maybe September allergies made my husband’s eyes water or maybe it was his relief that our child survived being stuck at home with me for the past 5 years. I contained my giddiness as I snapped […]

  • The School Cafeteria

    The School Cafeteria

    (A treat for you from two years ago. A piece I’d hoped to have published and never got around to submitting so here it is for your reading pleasure instead.) Twice this year, I have taken the “opportunity” to have lunch with my kid. I twitch at this memory and the thought of  the incredible […]