As summer traipses on, there’s a definite note of what needs to happen next. Did eight year old Eamon get enough exercise today? When was the last time Fiona pooped? Oops, now she needs a bath since it exploded up her back after the peach juice “helping” bottle. Can Eamon have computer time? Can he get off the computer in a timely fashion? Oh is it time to make dinner already? When was the last time I changes the sheets? When was the last time I posted? ETC.

I said to a friend, “I’m in need of some summer time for me”.

She said, “How about if we hang out by a pool with a little shade for the baby and we can take turns jumping in and out.”

Excellent idea. Until I had to cancel it today. Mum Mum’s weekend visits rerouted to Fridays because of beach traffic horrendous-ness.

I went to the YMCA yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Fiona goes to child watch where she can watch all the childs doing stuff. Eamon leans over the shoulders of little boys playing their DS’s, hand-held computer gamey thing-a-mys that he can’t have, and I get on the treadmill.

for me (2)

I get on the same one because it’s straight back.  I’m only doing about 2 miles total running and walking. I feel good about myself when I do this before 11 am on any given day. And I get to listen to music for an hour. I am listening to the new Lumineers album right now.

I looked up, as I do since I’m facing a wall (bad layout), and this is what I saw.

for me

Stay tuned and soon, I’ll let you know what I have been doing for me.

Have a lovely weekend and do something just for you.

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