I’m just putting a heads-up into your heads.

I shot the As-Is House Decorating Video Tour. I walk through the house and talk about how I’m working on being OK where I am instead of focusing on all the stuff I’m not getting to and being frustrated by. It’s going live on Friday. No edits, no big house makeover reveals. Just my house as it was the day I shot it which was a week earlier.

bacon breakfast on Shalavee.com

I also pulled together a food post with many photos. A drooler for sure. That’s scheduled for tomorrow.

ice cream in a ball jar from Shalavee.com

And…………… I pulled together a Newsletter to fill everyone in on all of this. I have been nervous to send anything out. There hasn’t been a newsletter sign-up form because my technophobia is like a large immoveable grumpy dog at the front door. But I went ahead and put a sign up form on the blog now. Such as it is. I’d love to send out quarterly newsletters summarizing my doings and bringing a little personal happy to everyone’s in-boxes. Next up? More writing submissions and an Etsy shop. Because they’re on my goals list, that’s why. And because I’m terrified of both.

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  1. Dear Shalagh, the thing I like most about your blog is your courage. I appreciate the reluctance of putting oneself out there but you do it anyway. Good for you, keep on keepin’ on. You encourage the rest of us in our weakness. Blessings!

    1. Oh how lovely you are Ms. Mary. Thank you so much for your support and sincerity. I’ve got nothing else but my courage and honesty but maybe wit and little talent. Love your comments.

  2. Way to go on nudging that grumpy dog (loved that!) away from the front door. I look forward to your home tour and the delish food post. I’m heading over to your newsletter signup now – your writing always brings a thoughtful, genial moment. Cheers!

    1. WOW, thanks so much Dawn for your Sis Boom Ba. I need it a bit right now to ride over the blocked bridge. And know what I’m doing isn’t self-aggrandizement but truly is me sharing my silliness and discoveries in hopes that others get it and are maybe inspired. It’s the real me, no smoke and mirrors.

      1. That’s why you’re a compelling read – no smoke and mirrors. And although you may share “silly”, you are never silly in your writing style and humour. I hope I don’t seem fake Boom Ba, because my rah-rahs don’t come easily (that sounds silly). Keep going your own way!

        1. I just heard that song on the radio. And don’t you worry or ever apologize for your exuberance Dawn because it has surely helped me know that I’ve got something to give.Why wouldn’t you say what you thought. I always do. Keep it up please.

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