This is about half way through my “31 days straight of pretty picture posts” challenge. Wanted to take a moment to share where I am with this challenge.

Every truly great accomplishment

To say that this was one of the loopiest ideas I’ve had in a while would be saying it nicely.

What the heck was I thinking?

Oh I had some concepts, yes. Was I prepared? Not.

But then again, I can hardly believe I have two years of blogging under my belt, considering my perceived ineptitude.

brick chimney and tiffen

And I’ve experienced both positive and negative outcomes.

happy crabby

On the positive side, I have more than accomplished my goal to show my visual side. I am happy to see myself in all the art and work I have done. To remind myself of who I am and to stand by it. To be inspired to create more.

witch doll

I was also forced to find and touch every picture I have stored.

And I figured out how to speedily scan and download these photos into the computer. Wirelessly!

English Chestnuts

On the negative side, as always, I have run into technical snafus. These are the sort that upset me the most. Like happily installing a  hover over pin it button to help people pin my pictures to their Pinterest pages. Only a week later, I found it had caused a fatal error to my menu pages. Just a click away. Ahhhhh.

And a watermark appears when it feels like it even though I think I do nothing differently.

schiffalera plant

On the overall, I am still happy with the challenge. By the end of the month, I will have gotten this out of my system and survived.

And there’s no taking back what I’ve tipped my hand for you to see. Continue to enjoy the pretty pictures folks.


  1. I have so enjoyed it! The watermark looks totally fab. I can totally empathize with the fatal errors – been there! Keep up the excellent work, you’re an inspiration.

    • Thanks so very much Amanda. I have so appreciated your taking notice of all the efforts I’ve been making.

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