My dining room wall is my decorative play-zone. My feature spot to do whatever I want to create the mood I’m looking for. I’ve done collage pictured arrangements, fishing nets, trellises with paper flowers, and Christmas is no different.

Several years ago, I latched onto this vintage floral fabric which I love. And this is what the dining room looked like that year.


That was also the year of the red twig branch and pine cone chandelier make over.

I placed the fab fabric into black poster picture frames.  Having wrapped it around the cardboard backing, no glass is necessary and they are lightweight and versatile pieces for decorating. The same sort of idea I saw in a diner we were in recently when they gift wrapped their pictures and hung them back up. It’s the color and texture in a block on the wall.


The first picture was 2009. And the above one is now, the Christmas of 2013. I had the curtains and swags up. So I added the pictures and hung them long way on the wall. Stunt wreath, twinkle lights, my old standby brown paper flowers and cheap red ribbon and Ta Da.


I created two-sided rectangular panels with iron on seam tape for the three bay windows and I tack them onto the window frames every year to continue the fabric in the room. The room is in dire need of an overhaul but at Christmas, I am happy in here.

Any quick go to decorating tips you want to share? I’m all ears.

Next decorating post will be on the floral arrangements. See you Wednesday.

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  1. Shalagh,

    I love what you did with your festive holiday dΓ©cor.
    You should be a decorator! Well, you are, but I mean
    hire out for such services.

    Happy New Year to the Hogan-Peach family.


    1. Hey Ann,
      I just thought about you today. Thanks for your votes of confidence. I truly appreciate them.
      Hope you have a Happy New Year’s Eve if not the entire year to boot.

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