I have felt a little, um, numb for the past couple days. Not really unhappy, just numb. I’ve enjoyed playing with the baby. Our family dinners together have been without incident. I’m no longer edgy. But there’s a blah zone happening. Like I felt inside when I birthed Fiona. Empty.

I am caught between where I was and where I want to go. And as much as I want this evening to be the magical night when my fairy godmother comes down and gives me a fresh perspective, all the free time I could ever imagine using, and a loan to kick-start my new business, I’m still where I am. New Year’s Eve ain’t changing that. However…

There is a pretty powerful thought I like to think every once in a while.

Every day is another chance

to start over

And so I plan to do just that. Tomorrow I’ll work as hard as I always do to

clarify, intentionally act, edit, and plan my life.

We are all doing our best at any given time. Here’s to this year’s best kicking last year’s best to the curb.

Happy New Year to all you wonderful people.

I love and appreciate you all!




    • Arrivederci, adios, and goodbye. I like the bidding of farewell Amanda. We need an ending for a beginning, ne c’est pas?.
      Thank You so much for stopping by and Happy New Year.

  1. Happy New Year, Shalagh! All the intentional actions will take you where you want to go. Love to you!

    • Melanie, I am so very glad to have you stop by. Thanks so much for your supportive words. Means a whole lot to me.
      Love and Happiness to you,

  2. Happy New Year, miss. Take it one day at a time . Baby steps. I’m ready for a fresh start, too! All the best for the new year. Love ya, Amy

    • Amy, my number one gal, you and me this year. I’m thinking of doing a swap the goals thing with ya’. Whadya think? Accountability is a real motivator. Second only to spending money. Sadly, I’m all tapped out so I offer my support. I’ll email you with details.

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